City of Ashes Characters

City of Ashes Character List


Clary or Clarissa is the main character in the book. She has red curly hair like her mother and green eyes. She is a Shadowhunter but has lived as a mundane with her mother. She is Jace’s younger sister and Valentine’s daughter. She falls in love with Jace even if he is her brother and thus she is torn between the desire to follow her heart and do what is right. She starts a relationship with her best friend, Simon but her true feeling regarding Jace are discovered when they enter the Seelie court.


Jonathan is a skilled Shadowhunter, described as being the best of his generation. He has blond hair and a proud attitude. He is known for his skills as a Shadowhunter and for his devotion to his family. Jace is Clary’s older brother and Valentine and Jocelyn’s son. He is the adoptive son of the Lightwood family and is very attached to their children. Isabelle, Alec and Max.  Even if Clary is his sister, he falls in love with her.


He is Clary’s parental figure and also a werewolf. He was too a member of Valentines Circle before he was turned into a werewolf and shunned. He is in love with Jocelyn even if he never openly admits it. He was Valentine’s parabatai and joined Jocelyn into hiding after the uprising.


Clary’s best friend and boyfriend, Simon is described as having a geeky appearance. Because of his love for Clary, he remains with her accompanies her even if it means that his life will be in danger. His personality changes after he is turned into a vampire and becomes more bitter and mature.


Alec is the oldest child in the Lightwood family.  He is shy and guarded but devoted to his family. He falls in love with Jace but tries to hide his feelings. He ends up in a secret relationship with Magnus Bane even if he is afraid to openly confess it because of the way homosexual Shadowhunters are seen.


Isabelle is the middle child of the Lightwood family. She is extremely beautiful but cold. She is very protective of her family and gets mad at Alec when she believes that he betrayed Jace.


Valentine is a Shadowhunter who has a radical point of view regarding the Downworlders and the demons. He is the founder of the Circle and is known to be very manipulative. He is the father of Jace and Clary but he doesn’t express his love for them and is willing to sacrifice them to get what he wants.


Maryse is a Shadowhunter and Alec and Isabelle’s mother. She is very protective of her children and is willing to sacrifice everything for them. She was also a member of Valentine’s Circle with her husband and they were punished by the Clave to not enter Idris unless their presence is requested.


Maia is a young werewolf in Luke’s pack who begins to form a friendship with Simon despite their different nature.

Magnus Bane

Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn who develops romantically feelings for Alec.

Robert Lightwood

Robert Lightwood is a Shadohunter, married with Maryse. Together they have three children. Robert was in Valentine’s circle with his wife and thus was punished by the Clave.


Jocelyn is Clary and Jace’s mother that is stuck in a coma like state after she was abducted by Valentine.

Madeleine Bellefleur

She is the woman that Clary meets outside the hospital and can help her mother wake up.


Jordan is a werewolf and Maia’s ex-boyfriend.


The second in command in Maia’s werewolf pack.

Freaky Pete

Pete is a bartender at the Hunter’s Moon, a werewolf bar in New York.

The Seelie Queen

The Seelie Queen is the queen of the faeries of the Seelie Court.


A Shadowhunter belonging to the New York Clave.

Imogene Herondale

Imogene is the Inquisitor in the Shadow world. Her son was a member of Valentine’s Circle but was killed. His pregnant wife committed suicide and Imogene’s husband died shortly after. Because of this, she has a deep hatred for Valentine.


Gabriel was the pack leader that Luke killed in order to take gain the pack’s loyalty.


A knight at the Seelie Court that was dating Isabelle Lightwood.


Daniel is the deceased brother of Maia.


Simon’s older sister.


Elias is the warlock killed by Valentine for his blood.


The demon summoned by Elias for Valentine. Agramon is the great demon of fear.


Max is Isabelle and Alec’s younger brother. Clary compares him to a younger version of Simon.


The head of a vampire group.

Brother Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a Silent Brother that lives in the Silent City.


A young werewolf killed by Valentine.

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