Call Me By Your Name Summary

Call Me By Your Name Summary

Call Me by Your Name is the story about obsessive love, a force greater than a person. This is a love story about two men – a seventeen years old Elio, from Italy and twenty-four yea rs old American scholar Oliver.

Every summer Elio’s parents take in an academic house guest who would live in house for six weeks, revise a book manuscript, and help his father, a professor, with his academic paperwork. Oliver was one of these residents. When Elio after many years is thinking of Oliver, the first thing he remembers is his “Later!” instead of “Goodbye”, so careless and familiar.

This man was another, he was “okay” with many things in his life, never cared about troubles and it seemed like he didn’t have them at all. It was strange and interesting for Elio, and very soon he understood that he is interested in this man, not only in his mind, but in his body. He felt a great desire to be close with Oliver physically. He was writing in his diary what he felt for this handsome man and how unbearable it was for Elio that he couldn’t speak his feelings. But one day he did, and after that everything has changed.

Oliver kissed him, but when Elio asked him for more, he refused. But later their passion was so strong that they couldn’t get enough of each other. The first time they made love was when Elio, who couldn’t stand silence between them, asked Oliver to talk to him, but when Elio came to his room, he didn’t want to talk to Oliver, he wanted his body.

They made love so desperately, that they have forgotten about other people in the whole world. But their minutes together were counted. Oliver was about to live and three days in Rome were their last moments together, the most beautiful moments for both of them.

After that they met several times: on Christmas the same year, when Oliver announced that he is going to marry; in 15 years, when Elio visited Oliver in his New England college town: Oliver was a happily married professor who has two sons. He invited Elio to his place to meet his family but Elio refuses – it was too hard for him to see his family and children because he still loves him. And the last time they met was in twenty years after their first meeting, when Oliver came to Elio’s place in Italy. They remember their time together in this place, and Elio tells Oliver that his father has died in the meantime he has spread his ashes in several places over the world.

The novel ends as Elio as a narrator notices that, if Oliver loves him and remember everything as he says, he should once again “look me in the face, hold my gaze, and call me by your name” as he did at their first night together.

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