Call Me By Your Name Background

Call Me By Your Name Background

An Egyptian-born writer, Andre Aciman is a distinguished author whose works have been well received by critics and audiences alike. He has won numerous awards for the intricacy of his works, and Call Me by Your Name is perhaps his best known work yet. It is considered one of the defining works in contemporary gay literature.

A 2007 novel by Aciman, Call Me by Your Name chronicles a torrid affair between a 17-year-old American Italian Jewish boy with a 24-year-old American Jewish scholar. The novel was published by Farrer, Straus and Giroux in 2007. It is set in the Italy of 1980s and narrates the exquisite story of their affair and what came after.

The novel touches on the universal themes of love and nature of relationships and deals with this issues in an intimate manner, and confronts the more transgressive theme of homosexuality. These themes have been woven into a story of love and longing, making Call Me by Your Name at once an engaging narrative and a thought-provoking statement on relationships and sexuality.

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