Blood Relations Characters

Blood Relations Character List

Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden was born in Fall River Massachusetts in 1860. She was accused of killing her parents with an axe, however the mystery of whether or not she truly did do it remains unknown.

Dr. Patrick

Dr. Patrick cared for Lizzie but simultaneously did not support the actions she was accused of doing. They both enjoyed each others company, and she wants to run away with him to Boston.

Emma Borden

Emma is Lizzie's older sister. She grew up as the perfect daughter of the Borden's, making Lizzie feel inferior to her. In that sense, Emma did not have the means of being there for her sister, nor did she want to listen to Lizzie when she needed it most.


Bridget is played by the real Lizzie Borden in the play. In the play, she is presented as the maid of the Borden's. Some have argued that Lizzie purposely played her in the play in order to accuse her of killing the parents, and freeing Lizzie from the blame/guilt.

Mrs. Borden

Lizzie's stepmom. Lizzie and Mrs. Borden have a very unhealthy relationship, Lizzie absolutely hates her. Lizzie wants her father to give the estate to her rather than Lizzie.

Mr. Borden

Lizzie's father, the man was constantly torn between his wife's and Lizzie's wishes. He was very rich, and had a large estate. He was scared of Lizzie and did not love her much as she was not what he wanted in a daughter.

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