Blood Relations Background

Blood Relations Background

Sharon Pollock is the originator of Blood Relations (and Other Plays - REV Ed), which was published during 2002 by NeWest Press. This psychological murder mystery is centered on the deadly events tied to protagonist Lizzie Borden and the mysterious fate that awaits her. Blood Relations has garnered Pollock a lot of admirers thanks to the alluring twists and turns the play puts her audience through.

A number of online reviewers describe the story plot as unsettling and creepy, while managing to keep them on their toes for the next thrilling surprise. On the other hand, other reviewers find the play somewhat confusing. Pollock is a major Canadian playwright who has earned several awards, including the first Governor General's Award for Drama in 1981 for Blood Relations. Born during 1936, she has written and published more than a dozen plays.

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