Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie Imagery

Open Arms Baptist Church of Naomi

Opal uses rich imagery in describing the church where her father works. The description of the church allows the reader to gain a fuller perspective of Opal's community in Naomi. It is a unique church, built into an old supermarket, where the congregation sits on lawn chairs. The church is welcoming of Winn-Dixie's presence during sermons and is Opal's first step toward a community in Naomi.

Gloria Dump's yard

Gloria Dump's yard is the scene of a lot of character growth for Opal. Gloria Dump advises Opal throughout the summer. She helps Opal to see the best in other people and to let go of her regrets about the past. The garden that this spiritual growth is set in is lush and overgrown. The fertile jungle in Gloria Dump's yard mimics the effect that the older woman has on her young friend.

The Mistake Tree

Gloria Dump's mistake tree teaches Opal an important lesson about letting go of past mistakes. The massive tree is adorned with hundreds of bottles that hang from its branches. The bottles clank against each other and make a spooky noise. The tree is a menacing presence, but Gloria finds the ability to make a tribute to her past mistakes a comforting practice. The tree makes Opal think about her mother.

Animals in the Pet Store

The animals in Gertrude's Pets are transfixed by Otis' guitar playing and singing. Every morning the man lets them out of their cages. He is able to keep them still and contained by playing music for them. The animals prove the beauty and power of Otis' music. His compassion for them and his distaste for keeping them in cages become proof of the high quality of his soul.