Because of Winn-Dixie Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    Why do you think Opal is drawn to people who seem ostracized or lonely?

    Opal seems to find people more appealing the more lonely they are. Because she has suffered loss, and is incredibly lonely, she seems to sense a similarity between herself and another lonely person. She also feels like an outsider in her new town which draws her to fellow outsiders. Opal is a completely nonjudgemental girl so other people's opinions of her new friends do not really matter to her. She is drawn to those she can sympathize with, even reaching out to Amanda, whom she has not liked until she discovers that Amanda's little brother died not long ago.

  2. 2

    How does Winn-Dixie give Opal confidence to make friends?

    Everyone loves Winn-Dixie and he gives Opal a reason for going to certain places where she meets her new friends, for example, his running into Gloria Dump's yard enables her to meet the old lady whom people say is a witch, and her needing a collar for him prompts her to offer her services at Gertrude's Pet Store leading to her meeting Otis. He also seems to being out a softer and more approachable side of her father which makes Opal see him differently and love him more.

  3. 3

    Why does Opal believe her father is partly to blame for her mother's leaving?

    Opal does not realize how deep her father loves her as she feels that she comes second to his sermon composition. She believes that he did not put up a fight or try to get her mother to stay, because he is not generally a forceful man, and she also believes he did not care about her mother because he never talks about her. She discovers that the opposite is true and that he doesn't talk about her because he misses her so much, and that he tried desperately to make her stay, also learning that he is grateful to her for leaving him Opal when she left.

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