Angels and Demons Metaphors and Similes

Angels and Demons Metaphors and Similes

Angels and Demons(Metaphor)

The title itself has a meaning that makes us to think in some depth. Who are those ‘angels’ and ‘demons’ the author meant? It could be understood as acts of humankind, which can reach extremes of good and evil. Likewise, there are angels and demons in human form. For this analogy we can say that 'angels' are the embodiment of goodness and light, when demons, in their turn, are the embodiment of those making evil deeds. However, in this case, we should not forget that the demons are "fallen" angels. And there is a ‘fallen angel’ in the story - Camerlegno Carlo Ventresca - who is skillfully pretending to be an angel, while acting as a devil.

The Beacon (Metaphor)

This is a important metaphor with a very deep meaning, that permeates the story. Langdon often meets ‘beacons-pointers’, while looking for the next location “The angel's fiery spear was raised like a beacon, pointing the way”. The other meaning of ‘beacon’ stands for world hope “Camerlegno Ventresca was the one man who had been a beacon of hope for the world through this entire tribulation”. And the final meaning is God's inspiration or God's sign. When the camerlegno received the enlightenment on where antimatter is hidden, he called himself ‘a beacon’ “I am a beacon in the darkness. I am the light”. Thus, in the broadest sense the "beacon" means an indication, or a sign from above.

Living dinosaur (Simile)

Robert Langdon often had to work with different kinds of artifacts. It was a feature of his profession, so he was not surprised when he was brought next “ symbolic equivalent of fossils - ancient documents”. But his eyes widened when he “came face to face with a living dinosaur” - ‘Illuminati’ inscription representing a confirmation of his decade research in a single symbol.

Restraining of emotions (Simile)

Maximilian Kohler, director of CERN, was known as a cold, restrained and strict person. Despite the facts he was keeping his distance, everyone around him knew what is the aura of Kohler's chill”. His conversational style was corresponding he said blankly, like an analytical engine”. Comparison with ‘analytical enginealso applies to his sharp mind and his dominion from a wheelchair throne.

Stone guards (Simile)

The very first of what you can see in the Vatican are the guards wearing the blue and gold uniform - The Pontifical Swiss Guard. This is a relatively small force whose responsibility is the safety of the Pope. When Robert and Vittoria saw them for the first time, guards were describes “like two stone statues” standing on either side of the entrance. They are extremely serious about their vocation, so there is no chance to walk past them.

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