Angels and Demons Glossary

Angels and Demons Glossary


Antimatter is researched at CERN laboratories. The term accounts for atom-like matter that exists, but does not interact with matter in the phenomenological universe. In Brown's fictional account, unstabilized antimatter has explosive potential like a nuclear warhead.

The Illuminati

This is a fictional conspiracy group responsible for religious corruption and the book's initial murder and theft. The group is quazi-religious, appealing to pagan-like patterns for their murders of the Preferiti.

The Preferiti

The Preferiti are the group of four Cardinals who are expected to assume the role of Pope after the death of the current Pope. The group is kidnapped and murdered in the novel.


An ambigram is a calligraphic image that reads as the same word right-side-up or upside down. The Illuminati uses ambigrammic brands to mark their murder victims.

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