Angels and Demons Characters

Angels and Demons Character List

Robert Langdon

Langdon is an expert in Illuminati related conspiracies and finds himself pursuing the Illuminati in Vatican City and Rome in an attempt to save people from the explosion of stolen antimatter. Langdon goes on to be the main character in three more Dan Brown books, perhaps most notably, The Da Vinci Code. Langdon is also claustrophobic, a result of an accident back in his childhood. He is often seen wearing a Mickey Mouse watch and Harris Tweed jacket.

Vittoria Vetra

The fellow-scientist and adopted daughter of a murdered CERN physicist, Vittoria helps Langdon in his pursuit of the Illuminati, eventually resulting in her capture. She is also the romantic interest of the protagonist, Langdon. Vittoria is quick-witted and more confident than Langdon. She also is a professional yoga guru and can displace limbs at will.

Maximilliam Kohler

Kohler is the director at CERN laboratories when a physicist named Vetra is found murdered. Kohler appears later in the book, believed to be the Illuminati henchman, Janus. Kohler is a teraplegic, and thus has a disdain for religion in general.

Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca

The Camerlengo was a close man to the recently deceased Pope and offers his assistance to Langdon in pursuit of the Illuminati. However, his reliabilities are tested and it is believed that Ventresca may have ulterior motives. He is said to be soft-spoken and is sometimes by overshadowed by other officers.

Captain Rocher

He is the head of Swiss Guard and so is entirely responsible for security around Vatican. He is suspicious and proud and, hence not very likeable. He serves as a Red Herring, as he's often suspected of being the inside spy.


The man who kidnaps and plans the execution of the cardinals. He is also lusty and has a poor opinion of women. He is a descendent of a race of assasins who drugged themselves. He had contempt for the Vatican, which is exploited by the Illuminati to use him as muscle behind the whole plan.

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