Anansi Boys Irony

Anansi Boys Irony

Is he coming?

Fat Charlie ended up living in London after his mother left his father and moved to another continent. After years, Charles’s mother became sick and was told she was not going to survive. In her last days, she insisted that Charlie contact his father and tell him what his happening. Ironically, even though she was the one who left him and the one who decided to move away, in her last moments, Charlie’s mother wanted to see her former husband the most. When he did came, Charlie’s mother was happiest than ever and died with a smile on her face.

Trying to lose the accent

When Charlie moved to England, he was teased because of his British accent so he did everything he could to make sure that he no longer has an accent. It took him almost seven years but by the time he was seventeen he talked as a person born and raised in England. Ironically, just around the time when Charlie finally was able to pass for a British person, his friends began talking as Americans, the accent he tried so hard to suppress and hide as a child.

Feeling alone

Soon after finding about his father’s death, Charlie tells his fiancé how he feels alone. This statement is ironic because Charlie refused to talk with his father and refused to see him and even compared the prospect of talking with him with the feeling of waiting to die. Because of this, it is ironic to see how Charlie only felt the need to become closer to his father after he died.

Not going to sleep with you

From the beginning of the book, Rosie made it clear that she was not going to sleep with Charlie until they were married. Charlie respected her decision and did not pressure her into having sex with him. It is however ironic to read that later, Rosie agreed to have sex with Charlie’s brother, someone she had just met.

Wrong funeral

Despite not liking his father, Charlie went to the states and hurried to find his father. He arrived just as they were about to put him in the ground and he made a little speech, telling his father for the first time how he loves him. Ironically, Charlie soon realized that the person in the casket was not his father so he hurried away.

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