Anansi Boys Characters

Anansi Boys Character List

Charles Nancy

Charlie is the protagonist of the novel, a timid and ambitionless accountant working for a talent agency in London. He is the son of the spider god Anansi and engaged to a woman whose mother entirely disapproves of their wedding. Charlie feuds constantly with his brother Spider after he comes into his life and is soon wrapped up in a fantastical mess that he and his brother have created. Throughout his journey, Charlie grows as a person, becoming more confident in himself and learning to appreciate his family.


Charlie’s long-lost brother, and the other son of Mr. Nancy. Spider’s personality is the complete opposite of his brother Charlie’s: he is suave, confident, and carefree. He arrives one day at Charlie’s apartment, and, shocked at the discovery that their father has died, brings Charlie out for a night of drinking to mourn their loss. The next day, covering for Charlie at his job, Spider discovers that Charlie’s boss has been embezzling client funds. He also pretends to be Charlie, courting his fiancé Rosie and mistakenly turning Grahame Coats against Charlie.

Mr. Nancy

Charlie and Spider’s womanizing and eccentric dad, and the incarnation of the mythological spider god Anansi. Mr. Nancy is wild and fun loving, but sometimes at the expense of others. While he dies in the beginning of the novel, he exists as a ghost, occasionally remaining in contact with Spider and Charlie.

Rosie Noah

Charlie’s fiancé, Rosie, is a charity worker in London who has a passion for helping others. She realizes that she is only engaged to Charlie because her mother dislikes him, and inadvertently falls in love with Spider when he pretends to be Charlie.

Mrs. Callyane Higgler

An old friend of Mr. Nancy and his family. Mrs. Higgler is loud and meddling, but means well and is protective of Charlie. She tells Charlie of his father and the existence of his brother, and with her knowledge of the otherworldly, helps him along his journey.

Daisy Day

A police officer who is first introduced after spending the night with Spider at Charlie’s house. She is placed in charge of Grahame Coat’s embezzlement case, and although she is removed, follows Graham to the Caribbean in order to bring him to justice.

Grahame Coats

Charlie’s conniving and greedy boss, who regularly embezzles money from his wealthy clients’ accounts at his talent agency. When Spider discovers his illegal offshore accounts, Grahame frames Charlie for the embezzlement and flees to the Caribbean.

Maeve Livingstone

The widow of comedian Morris Livingstone, a longtime client of the Graham Coates Talent Agency. While trying to collect money that she is owed from Graham Coates, she uncovers his embezzlement scheme. In order to prevent word from getting out, Graham kills her and flees to the Caribbean. She returns as a ghost and helps bring Graham to justice.

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