An Abundance of Katherines Metaphors and Similes

An Abundance of Katherines Metaphors and Similes

Male breasts

When Colin gets hurt, it becomes clear that he needs someone to help him stop the bleeding. Hassan refuses to give him his t-shirt, claiming that he is embarrassed to do so because of the way his body looks like. To show just how embarrassed Hassan was, he compared his body to that of a woman and his breast to the breasts a woman has. This comparison shows just how insecure Hassan was with his body.

Bullied in the past

Collin draws a parallel between himself and between Lindsey and he compares both their past to show that they are not that different. Lindsey was bullied in the past just in the same was as Colin was but the difference between the two is that while Lindsey found a way to cope with the bulling, Colin just blamed others for what happened to him and did not tried to change anything about himself.

Burn it

After a few days of straying with Lindsey’s family and working on his formula, Colin reached the conclusion that he finished it. After finishing the formula, he goes to Lindsey and asks for a match to set it on fire. The act of setting on fire is a metaphorical one and it represents Colin’s decision to stop worrying about why his relationships did not work and his decision to focus on the present instead.

The rooster

Every morning when Colin wakes up at Lindsey’s house, the first thing he hears is the rooster outside his window. After a few days after living in the house, Colin got used to hearing the rooster and when he could no longer hear it cry in the morning, it unsettled Colin. The rooster is used here as a metaphor for nature. Colin got in touch with his feelings and with his true nature while staying at the house and he found who he really wants to be while staying there. The rooster is an important element because it awoken Colin and it made him realize what really matters.

The cave

After a few days spent together, Lindsey feels comfortable enough to take Colin to her secret hiding place, a cave she found when she was in primary school. The two go to the cave and then stumble in the darkness, drinking and just talking about life in general and private matters. The cave is used here as a metaphor for the hidden things everyone tries to keep away from those close to them. however, both Lindsey and Colin felt safe in the cave so they both shared their deepest secrets with one another.

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