An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines Analysis

An Abundance of Katherines is a reading for adolescents. This novel is not about love, but more likely about the love addictions of teenagers. The book tells a story about a prodigy named Colin Singleton, who is not specifically lucky in love. He had 19 girlfriends and everyone had the same name Katherine. Colin Singleton has a well-developed mathematical mindset and therefore he decides to solve the problem with his misfortunes with the help of mathematics and create either a formula or a schedule that will be able to determine, who will abandon someone and even time of breakup.

Green’s language is very easy, dynamic and "teenage". The book does not contain the complex phrases and it is easy to understand the author’s message. Green’s main message is not to get depressed, when a girl leaves you. He teaches the reader not to get upset, but to solve the problem or at least try to find a way out of this infinity of failures. Moreover, the beauty of this book is based on various schemes and drawings, in which the protagonist Colin Singleton can conclude any life situation.

The plot is not so stunning here, but interesting. In this book, there are no incredible twists, but some exciting moments such as humorous dialogues between Colin and his friend Hassan, the usage of abbreviations in the speech of the characters and the formula, which determines the development of relations between any people, will not leave the reader indifferent. The story of Colin and his friend Hassan Harbish is a little banal, but it is very well introduced.

An Abundance of Katherines makes it possible to realize not the uniqueness or significance, but the fact that we are making history, coming into contact with the lives of other people. In addition, it does not matter if you stepped on someone’s feet or saved a person from death. Probably, millions of people do not know you. You may be one, who has not invented anything and people will not erect monuments for you after your death. However, do not dare to think that the world will be better without you. The universe exists only because you exist. Every person contemplates it with his eyes, allowing the life, which the universe created, to surround you.

Despite the fact that this book is very simple, it has a value that is based on morality. As the main personage Colin says “the future is unpredictable.” John Green tries to hint the reader that we do not have to chase the future, try to predict it and change it even if it has not happened yet. After all, all in good time - if a girl has to leave you, then it will happen and you will not change anything. This book is a kind of psychologist, who advises not to lose hope in any situation, even if 19 girls left you. Colin’s motivation does not allow him to despair and shows the reader that there are no desperate situation.

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