An Abundance of Katherines Imagery

An Abundance of Katherines Imagery

Big House

When Lindsey takes the boys to her home, the first thing they notice is the grandeur of her house and how nice it looks in comparison with the other houses around it. The boys feel intimidated by it, feeling as if they stumbled into something bigger than them. The house is a visual representation if the power Lindsey’s family has so it is important because it also makes the boys realize the power the family has in the little town.

Gothic girl

Soon after moving into the house, Colin sees a picture of Lindsey, dressed in gothic clothes. When Colin asked her about the picture, Lindsey tells him that those clothes were a way of protecting herself from the people who would bully her in school. Colin notes that Lindsey looks nothing like the way she used to look and this shows just how much she grew up.

Like a dog

Lindsey tells Colin that her current boyfriend used to make fun of her, calling her a dog and various other names. Despite this, she continued to talk with him and they even ended up getting involved and staring a relationship together. However, the way Lindsey talks about her boyfriend makes him appear as the villain in the story. Thus, the boyfriend is portrayed her as a despicable human being who is only interested in getting what he wants and who does not care about those around him.

Running through the fields

After Hassan discovers his girlfriend in the graveyard, naked and with her former boyfriend having sex, instead of crying or acting in a way the others would expect him to act, he started running on the fields near the graveyard, screaming happily that he is breaking off from his girlfriend. The image portrayed here is both a comic one and unexpected, especially when considering what Hassan has just witnessed but it also has the role of portraying Hassan as the type of person who would not let himself be affected negatively by what happens in his life and who would rather keep his optimistic attitude and move on with his life.

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