Amy Tan: Short Stories Background

Amy Tan: Short Stories Background

Amy Tan is best known for her novels and children's books, but she has also written several short stories, published both formally and informally. Her most popular short story is "Fish Cheeks", which is a true story published in 1987. The story explores fate and the cultural differences that separate Chinese from Americans. "Rules of the Game" is a short story by Tan that was informally published online as a PDF. Like many of her novels, the story details a strictly Chinese mother and her children, and how they must adapt to the American environment in which they live.

Born in 1952, Amy Tan is a Chinese American that had to endure harsh treatment in the aftermath of World War II. She has published several novels, including The Joy Luck Club and The Valley of Amazement. Although her works are popular, they are criticized because they repeat negative Chinese stereotypes, making them seem more realistic.

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