American Psycho (film) Characters

American Psycho (film) Character List

Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman is both the narrator and the main character in the book, quickly also becoming the villain. He is a psychopath by the definition that he acts like a nice person, is perceived like a respectable fellow and liked by the common. However, he is a serial rapist and murderer on his own in the dark. In the end, he understands that his lusts for sadism is wrong and can’t go unpunished, yet no one will take him seriously. He has played the game to well.

Evelyn Richards

Evelyn Richards is Patrick’s fiancé, even though he cuts their engagement off after a short while. They both have troubles, neither of them loving each other, yet likes that the other part of their couple is rich. She enjoys art and keeps her friends close, though their friendships are thin. Evelyn secretly has an affair with Patrick’s brother, Sean.

Paul Allen

Allen is Patrick Bateman’s associate. He is seen as superior to Bateman, which is why he is so severely hated. The superiority is based on the type of business-card Allen carries, which happens to be better than Batemans. Paul Allen is killed by Patrick and Patrick uses a great deal of time trying to stage him leaving for London, so he doesn’t have to carry any of the blame of Allen’s death.

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