Ali: Fear Eats the Soul Quotes


German master. Arab dog.


When Emmi asks Ali about his workplace, he tells her that he work with cars. The relationship he has with his employer is seen as being a tense one because of Ali’s nationality. While the German nation was no longer under the rule of Hitler, prejudice against foreigners and especially against those who had a different skin color existed. The four words uttered by Ali backs up this idea by presenting the way immigrants were perceived. They were not regarded as being humans but rather they were considered as being animals.

Fear eat soul.


The quote take from the movie also is the title of the movie and it represents the dangers of being afraid. After Ali spent his first night with Emmi, the next morning was an emotional time for Emmi as she started thinking about what she has done. Ali urges her to pursue her happiness and not to let herself be influenced by what the other will say. Fear has the potential to destroy someone’s soul and happiness and Ali warns Emmi about the dangers it carries.

It will never work out. It’s unnatural.

Girl at the bar

After Emmi and Ali got married, they decided to celebrate their marriage in the bar where they meet for the first time. The bartender and another girl who appeared in the first scene of the movie comment on how the pair will never work out and how the relationship between the Ali and Emmi is unnatural. The reason why they think that the relationship is unnatural is not because of the age difference, but rather because of the fact that Emmi is a German and Ali is Arab. This proves that not only the older generation had ideas similar to the ones promoted by Hitler but also the younger generation.

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