Ali: Fear Eats the Soul Glossary

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul Glossary


Revealing the influence of the dramatic theories established by writer Bertolt Brecht, especially the utilization of techniques to distance audiences from connecting emotionally with characters.


A construction of a narrative which basically follows a simple chronological timeline from beginning to end.


The reduction of intensely emotional public displays to the level of entertainment for onlookers.


The occupancy of rented space.


The mistaking of one thing for another; miscontruing another's actual intent.


A North African semolina made from crushed durum wheat and the name of the culinary offering of which it is the main ingredient.


Irrational discrimination against others formed from baseless assumptions.


Open sore on or inside the body which results from a rupture in the skin or mucous membrane failing to heal.


A genre of drama which emphasizes heightened emotions, exaggerated characterization and sensationalized situations and plots.


A system of authority using domination and subjugation to enforce ideological conformity and allegiance to leaders.


The process of taking advantage of the labor and resources of others for your own gain without adequate compensation for the labor performed.


The process by which a person becomes disconnected from the world around them through a process of emotional or intellectual isolation.


An overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction with the status quo and increased desire to rebel against it.


Mental, intellectual and physical lethargy resulting from the process of disaffection with one's life.


A shared feeling of community shaped around a collective goal or purpose.


Irrational prejudice toward immigrants.


A philosophy of life shaped by the insularity of living within a conformist community and expressed through a suspicion of change, progressive movements, strange customs of alien cultures and distrust of politicians endorsing policies of liberalization.

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