Ali: Fear Eats the Soul Imagery

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul Imagery

Shy and insecure

The first scene of the movie presents Emmi as being a very shy and insecure person. The way she sits at the table inside the bar and the way she looks at those who are inside the bar point towards her insecurities and fears. This image contrasts with the way Ali is presented and how the other people inside the bar are perceived.

Lonely souls

Both Emmi and Ali are portrayed as being lonely souls. Emmy became a lonely person after her husband died and her children had their own families while Ali became alone because he decided to move in another country. The idea that both Ali and Emmi are lonely souls is accentuated in the scene where Ali spends the nights in Emmi’s house and he decides to go into her room and admits that he is indeed feeling lonely. Through that scene, the image of the ignored, lonely person is highlighted and accentuated.

Wedding party

After Ali and Emmi got married, they decided to celebrate their marriage in the bar where they first meet. The people who attended the party were Ali’s friends but none from Emmi’s side of the family came. This image transmits the idea that the Arab community was more open towards other cultures than the Germans were. While Emmi’s family had troubles accepting Ali into their lives, Ali’s friends were not opposed to the idea and showed their support.

Wedding announcements

The most powerful scene in the film is the one where Emmi tells her children that she had gotten married. Her children react in a violent way, calling her a whore and a disgrace before leaving her house. Thus, the film reaches its climax and portrays the full extent of the prejudices the German society had about Arab people.

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