African Religions and Philosophy Themes

African Religions and Philosophy Themes

Remembering the dead

Because the African religions don't prefer the individual to the group, they see that although the individuals pass away, the tribe remains. To honor the sacrifice of the individual, they remember them until the last person who knew them died, and they often leave extra portions of food for the deceased person, although they don't worship their ancestors.

Marriage, family, and tribe

Marriage is an important aspect of a young African person's life, and where tribal religions still exist, obvious the sense of family is broader than just immediate relatives. One of the most beautiful aspects of African tribalism is the way the tribesmen care deeply for the other people in their tribe.

Spiritualism and witchcraft

Instead of depicting African witches as evil and taboo, Mbiti reminds the reader that African people view spirits as sublime parts of divine reality, and that their appealing to gods and spirits is actually not evil, because Africans know the difference between good magic and bad magic. Good magic is essentially like prayer, because it attempts to gain miracles by aligning with the spiritual forces of good.

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