African Religions and Philosophy Background

African Religions and Philosophy Background

African Religions and Philosophy is by John Mbiti. It was published in 1970. John Mbiti was a professor, and this book is an extended translation of his lectures. This book applied in many fields, including not only African religion and philosophy but also history, anthropology, and general African studies. Mbiti tells an African tale from an African point of view, which shows the level of what they believed.

This book is based on an African's point of view, but it also incorporates Christianity. Indeed, Mbiti shows the difficulties that Africans encounter in the Western world. This book also explores many different "universal" concepts, such as time, good vs evil, and God.

Mbiti further examines the differences between African and Western religions. These include how they view the world and how they approach rituals and ceremonies. He extended his findings on how African religion and Western religion are different in terms of their view of the afterlife. This book is of great significance for anyone interested in African religion and philosophy. It is also an interesting read for those who may not have much knowledge of the subject. It provides insight into the African perspective and helps to bridge the gap between Western and African cultures. It also serves as a great reference book for students of African Religion and Philosophy.

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