African Religions and Philosophy Quotes


''A study of these religious systems is therefore, ultimately a study of the people's themselves in all the complexities of both traditional and modern life.''

Author, Chapter 1

This quote explains to the reader that African traditional religions are so deeply embedded in an individual's life and culture that studying the religions themselves is likened to studying the people that practice them. He goes on to say that Africans are deeply religious.

''Where the individual is, there is his religion for he is a religious being.''

Author, Chapter 1

This quote shows that a person carries his religion in his heart no matter where he goes. African religions have no creeds to be recited but rather they are written in the person's heart. This is because African religions are mainly about practices and rituals.

''The grave is the seal of everything...''

Author, Chapter 14

Mbiti in the chapter, ''Death and the Hereafter,'' describes how death is viewed in African traditional religions. It is viewed as a place where someone goes and there is no return. Therefore the living will never see the departed again and his life is over for he is not alive anymore.

''One does not love in a vacuum...''

Author, Chapter 17

This quote by the author John Mbiti explains that the emotions of love and hate must be accompanied by actions for them to be acknowledged.

''Modern change has imported into Africa a future dimension of time...''

Author, Chapter 18

The author previously explained that African religions view time in two dimensions, now and the past. There is no reference to the future and if it's there, it is a very short time. Therefore, modernity has brought a dimension of the future that is a long period of time. This is due to the calendars that show centuries-long futures.

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