Across Five Aprils Metaphors and Similes

Across Five Aprils Metaphors and Similes

Metaphor for stability

During time of war, stability is not something that can be found easily. Because of this, characters choose to associate stability with a concept, person or physical location. For Jethro, President Lincoln became the person he associated with stability and thus Lincoln became a metaphor for stability for people life Jethro.

The state and the family

Jethro’s family can be considered as being a metaphor for the country destroyed by war. While the reader is not able to fully comprehend the extent to which the country was divided as a result of the war, the reader can clearly see how Jethro’s family was divided and how it transformed from a united family that had all its member close to home, into a family that hated one another because of the decision the other family member took.

Metaphor for maturity

The novel presents Jethro’s process of maturity and how he is changed by the war that divides his family. The trip Jethro takes from his hometown to the city can be seen as a metaphor for his maturity because it marks the moment when he receives more responsibilities and when he assumes the role his father had.


The family ledger is mentioned multiple times in the novel. In that ledger, the family writes down the birth, death, marriage and other important events that take place in their life. The ledger has a metaphorical meaning because it represent luck and fate and is a metaphor for the basic things that happen in life but have a major influence on someone.

Metaphor for rebirth

The barn that was burned down has a metaphorical value because it represents the power to rebuilt and start again. This idea is very important in the novel because there are many instances when the characters are permitted to start over again. One such instance is when Lincoln allows those who have deserted to return on the battlefield without fearing that there will be consequences. Similarly, the Creighton family is able to rebuild their

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