Across Five Aprils Irony

Across Five Aprils Irony


When Jethro first hears about war, he imagines it as something that will bring people together and that will unite them under a single cause. Ironically, his once tight and united family is divided by the event that he tough will bring them together.

Change of opinion

The nation’s opinion about its leaders changes rapidly, based on what news they receive from the front. They could one day worship a general and they hate him the next day because he lost a battle or took a bad decision. Ironically, the general who was acclaimed for being the best general, became quickly the most hated general after a bad decision that led to the death of many soldiers.

Good will prevail

After Jethro’s brothers leave for war, he receives certain responsibilities from his father that also includes buying supplies from town. On one such trip, Jethro is attacked by a man who doesn’t agree with what one of Jethro’s brothers has done. Ironically the same man that attacked Jethro and who criticized his brother for doing something that he thinks is immoral, is caught stealing and is badly beaten for doing something illegal.

Father’s blessing

In the beginning of the novel, Jenny’s father doesn’t agree with a possible marriage between Shadrach and Jenny because he believes that she is too young to marry. Ironically, only a year later, not only does he bless the marriage between Shadrach and Jenny but his opinion also changes drastically.

Behaving in a cruel way

After the North won the war, the soldiers began to abuse the power they had and acts of violence became something common. Initially, the North was not supposed to behave in such a manner but they became corrupted by the power they received. These types of actions are seen as being ironical because the North, the side of the war that was supposed to be rational and forgiving, became cruel and barbaric.

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