Across Five Aprils Characters

Across Five Aprils Character List

Jethro Creighton

This is the coming of age story of Jethro, the protagonist, during the Civil War. Jethro has many hurdles along the way, including the death of a family member, and the ever fated loss of innocence at the end of his coming of age.

Jenny Creighton

Jenny is the sister of Jethro with whom he suffers through the war with. They are the only two of their brothers and sisters who are not fighting in the war, so they are all that they have.

Shadrach Yale

The teacher and friend of Jethro and the love interest of Jenny, Shadrach is a pivotal character as he is one of the main people that connect Jethro and Jenny together. Shadrach and Jenny later wed, and Jethro moves in with them.

Ross Milton

A defensive friend of Jethro, he is one of the most caring presences for the Creightons during the war.

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