A Game of Thrones Irony

A Game of Thrones Irony

The Unburned

Visery’s life goal is from the beginning taking the Iron Throne and being a King. Throughout the book, he mentions several times that he can’t be affected by fire and heat because of his Targeryan blood. Visery’s death is ironic because he dies after Drogo pours molted gold on his head while his sister watches and thinks about the fact that if her brother were to be a dragon, the heat from the molted gold wouldn’t have killed him.

Bastard Children

King Robert Baratheon is known in the Seven Kingdoms as a life loving man, who fathered numerous bastard children. Jon Arryn, the former Hand, talked about Robert’s potency on his dying bed, yet remarked that, despite being the father of countless illegitimate children, the offspring that had his name were the product of an incestuous relationship between the Queen and her brother, and that the King actually had no legitimate children with the Queen.

Virtue and Justice

From the first chapter, Eddard Stark is distinguished as one of the most honorable characters but in the end, he is executed after he agreed to sign a declaration in which he states that he is traitor. Despite living his whole life as a just man, he died being considered a traitor.

The Walls in Winterfell

Bran, who is known for loving to climb and spending most of his life on the Walls of Winterfell, is pushed while climbing and ends up being paralyzed and not being able to do the thing he loves most.


Sansa, who dreams about having a perfect life as a Queen with Joffrey and thinking that King’s Landing is the perfect place to be, discovers that Joffrey is actually a tyrant who murdered her father and tortured her and that King’s Landing is maybe the most dangerous city in the realm.

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