A Game of Thrones Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    What role does family play in Game of Thrones?

    Family plays an extremely pivotal role in this series. Over the course of the novels, it has become the driving force for all the events that happen in the plot. Most of the characters are driven by either the need to either protect their family or avenge their death. For instance, Arya’s ultimate role in the series is motivated by what happened to her family.

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    How has vengeance affected the plot of the series?

    Vengeance has had a profound impact on the plot of the series. It is the driving force for the clash between all the houses and has also blurred the line between good and evil. Much in this series has been normalized in the name of vengeance and hence, the idea of a grey area emerges. Sansa’s actions can be seen as that of vengeance and have deeply affected the plot of the entire narrative.

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    How is the idea of identity explored in the characterization of Arya?

    Arya is one of the most significant characters in the series. Her characterization has led to the question of how identity and fear are often tied up. Arya is expected to sacrifice her identity altogether so she has nothing to lose. It is at this point that she reaches her nexus and attains the level of skill that she needs to avenge her family. This skill comes to her due to the fact that she has shed her identity and the fear with it.

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    How does the idea of class come through in Game of Thrones?

    There is a clear class distinction in Game of Thrones. Whether it is the power struggle between the different houses, or the hierarchy at the wall, or the status of the bastard, the idea of class permeates across the series forcefully. Game of Thrones is rich with a set of hierarchies that is internalized within the psyche of the characters. This set of hierarchies has led to a constant struggle that pervades the history of the fictitious tale.

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