Zorba the Greek Background

Zorba the Greek Background

Zorba the Greek is a novel written by Nikos Kazantzakis that was first published in 1946. Kazantzakis is a Cretan author who is considered one of the most influential modern Greek writers in history. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature nine times, and his novels, plays, memoirs, and philosophical essays are widely studied and read all around the world. In addition the production of movies based on his books spread his influence all over the literary world.

The protagonist of Zorba the Greek is named Alexis Zorba, who is an adventurous worker and loves his life immensely. The narrator is a young Greek intellectual who has grown bored of his bookish life and has started a new journey with Zorba. The pair go to Crete to work in a lignite mine, and the story follows their life as well as the people in the town where they move. In addition, Kazantzakis includes the complex relationship between God and man, the pure and the evil, and the struggle of men to find their purpose in life. As Zorba’s life is full of joy and sorrow and all the rich emotions that are so hard to describe yet Kazantzakis tells beautifully to define what it means to be human.

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