Yet Do I Marvel

Yet Do I Marvel Glossary

stoop (verb)

to lower or abase oneself; to condescend

quibble (verb)

to argue or complain over small details

baited (verb)

passive of “to bait”: to use something as bait; to tempt with the promise of something; to taunt someone, to intentionally make someone angry

fickle (adjective)

changing one’s loyalties frequently; erratic, unpredictable; small-minded, vindictive

brute (adjective)

cruel, savage, harsh; instinctive and without a lot of thought

caprice (noun)

a whim, an unmotivated action; a tendency to do things impulsively

inscrutable (adjective)

difficult to understand or scrutinize; mysterious

immune (adjective)

incapable of being affected; protected

catechism (noun)

ritualistic religious instruction in the form a dialogue; a condensed version of Christian belief memorized by the faithful; a series of predetermined questions and answers about Christianity; a formulaic statement or fixed precepts

strewn (verb)

passive of “to strew”: to spread or scatter around, often randomly or haphazardly

petty (adjective)

insignificant, unimportant, trivial

awful (adjective)

capable of inspiring dread; filled with a sense of awe

compel (verb)

to force someone or something to do something; to drive or motivate

marvel (verb)

to be filled with surprise, astonishment, or confusion

bid (verb)

to make someone do something