Wonder Irony

Miranda at Camp

While at summer camp, Miranda lies to her fellow campers and pretends that she has a deformed little brother in order to make herself more popular. This is ironic, because Via does not tell people at school about her brother for exactly the opposite reason: she thinks that Auggie will make her unpopular, or at least make it much more difficult for her to make friends.


Julian and his mother made a fuss trying to get Auggie kicked out of the school; ultimately, it is Julian himself who does not come back to Beecher Prep after Auggie's first year. This is a prime example of situational irony, since intended roles and expected outcomes are dramatically reversed.

Henry, Miles, and Amos

Henry, Miles, and Amos were three of the boys who primarily hung out with Julian at the beginning of the school year, boys who sided with him during the "war" against Jack and who made fun of Auggie. It is ironic that, at the end of the novel, they are the ones to come to Auggie and Jack's rescue at the nature reserve.

Jack's Section

At the beginning of Jack's section, he has no clue what "Bleeding Scream" means, or why Auggie is so mad at him. We readers know, though, because we have also been seeing the action from Auggie's and Summer's perspectives. This setup is an example of dramatic irony, since readers know something that a character does not.