Wonder Character List

August "Auggie" Pullman

Auggie is a ten-year-old boy who was born with a facial deformity. All Auggie wants is to feel normal, but he has had to get used to being stared at and avoided by others throughout his entire life. The novel tells the story of Auggie going to a real school for the first time and growing up substantially over the course of his first year there.

Via Pullman

Auggie's older sister, Via, sometimes feels like the less important child in her family, since everyone often puts Auggie's needs first. She is starting at a brand new high school at the beginning of the novel, and faces struggles to fit in and be defined by an attribute other than having a deformed little brother.

Isabel Pullman

Auggie's mother, who loves Auggie deeply and truly wants the best for him, so much so that she can be overprotective.

Nate Pullman

Auggie's father, who has a special relationship with Auggie and wants to protect him, but recognizes that it is important that Auggie grow up and mature.

Jack Will

A boy at school whom Mr. Tushman asks to reach out and be friends with Auggie. Jack is averse to the idea at first, but eventually does become Auggie's friend; he appears to ruin this friendship, though, by insulting Auggie when he thinks that Auggie is not around to hear. Eventually the two patch up their relationship and Jack does become a true, honest friend to Auggie.

Summer Dawson

Auggie's other close friend at school. Summer sits down with Auggie at lunch on the first day, initially because she feels sorry for him, but eventually continues spending time with him because he's sweet and funny and enjoyable to hang out with. Summer is biracial and lives only with her mother, since her father died a few years before.

Julian Albans

The story's main antagonist: a kid at school who is consistently rude to Auggie, and tries to turn the entire school against Jack when Jack decides to keep being Auggie's friend.

Mr. Tushman

The principal of Beecher Prep, who always knows what is going on in the school and tries his best to make it an open, welcoming place for Auggie.


Via's new boyfriend, who comes from a family of divorced parents and really loves the closeness of the Pullman household. He plays the lead male role in the school play.


Via's former best friend, who broke ties with Via over the summer after she lied and pretended to have a deformed brother while at camp. Miranda has always been extremely close to Auggie, and loves him like a little brother of her own.


Along with Miranda, Via's other old best friend, who also broke ties with Via over the summer.


One of Auggie's few old friends, who moved away to Connecticut. Auggie does not get to see him very often.


One of Auggie's old friends.


One of Auggie's old friends.

Mrs. Garcia

The office assistant at Beecher Prep.


One of the kids at school who first shows Auggie around. Charlotte is known as a "goody two shoes" and stays neutral during the "war," apparently because she has a crush on Jack.

Mr. Browne

The fifth grade English teacher. Mr. Browne writes monthly precepts on the board -- motivational messages usually meant to encourage students to be kind and considerate and try their best.

Ms. Petosa

Auggie's homeroom teacher.


Isabel Pullman's mother, and Auggie and Via's deceased grandmother. She and Via had a special relationship when she was alive.


A popular girl at school, who hosts a Halloween party that Summer is invited to attend.


One of the kids at school who initially hangs out with Julian, but eventually helps Auggie out when Auggie gets in a fight at the nature reserve.


One of Julian's friends, who also eventually helps Auggie.


One of the boys who assists Auggie during the fight at the nature reserve.


A girl at school who is dating Amos.

Ximena Chin

An extremely smart girl in Auggie's grade at school, who is dating Miles.

Ms. Dawson

Summer's mother, who becomes close friends with the Pullmans over the course of Auggie's first year at school.

Mr. and Mrs. Will

Jack's father and mother. Jack does not come from a wealthy family, a background that sets him apart from many of the kids in his private school.


Jack's younger brother, who initially gawks and cries out at Auggie after seeing Auggie's face for the first time.

Ms. Rubin

The science teacher.

Melissa Albans

Julian's mother, who believes that Beecher Prep was wrong to let in a child like Auggie, claiming that the school is not a special needs school and should not have to make accommodations.

Mr. Davenport

The director of the school play for Via's class.


A varsity jock who is Miranda's boyfriend.


A mean boy who is at the head of the group of kids who torment Auggie at the nature reserve. Auggie's mangled hearing aids are discovered in Eddie's locker.


A girl from Auggie's school who is friends with Summer.


A friend of Via's at school.