Wall Street Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    When Bud decides to sabotage Gekko's Bluestar Airline deal has he genuinely had a crisis of conscience or is he trying to save his father's job? Would he care about the deal if it did not affect his own family?

    Bud has not had a true change of heart or a crisis of conscience and it is probable that had his own father not been affected by the deal he would likely have gone along with it in the same way he had the other deals before. In earlier deals and insider trades he had spared not thought for the company employees that were someone else's parents so his perceived change of heart is really more of a selfish hypocrisy than a shift in his moral compass.

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    Why do you think Gordon Gekko has resonated with so many people even decades after the release of the film?

    Although he was intended to be the film's "villain" and his character was written as a salutary warning against greed and excess, it is Gekko's blatant enjoyment of both of these things that makes him so appealing to generations of audiences. He is comfortable in his behaviors and enjoys the rewards if his hard work, which is inspiring to people looking to a achieve similar wealth and status. Gekko seems to be playing a game rather than deliberately harming anyone and that is his saving grace with people who want to play the game too.

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