Wall Street Characters

Wall Street Character List

Gordon Gekko

Gekko has come to embody the ruthless and successful Wall Street barracuda. He is hard-working, focused and goal-oriented, despite his success, and is driven to close the next deal almost as soon as he has closed on the last one. He is visibly successful and obviously wealthy but never brash or flashy. He is a role model to younger brokers and is surprisingly happy to help them succeed as long as there is an advantage to him in doing so. Gekko has an expectation of loyalty from those he mentors and is surprisingly genuinely hurt when this is not repaid with gratitude. Gekko does not have friends in the workplace although does maintain family friendships outside the business world. Gekko is constantly reinvigorated by the challenge of winning in every deal and although presented as the villain of the movie he is actually much more likeable than his protégé Bud Fox.

Bud Fox

Bud is a young, eager and very ambitious trader who aspires to Gordon Gekko's success. He is skilled at deception and is a believable liar, duping even Gekko whilst working to bring about his downfall. Fox is an intriguing character because in his own mind he is similar to Gekko but in reality he is much more similar to his blue-collar father. Ultimately he finds himself to possess the very characteristics that he was trying to escape. Bud is caught up by what he should want to be without giving much thought as to what he actually wants to be. He is driven but does not possess the strong work ethic of either Gekko or his father. Bud surprises himself by having an innate loyalty to both his father and his upbringing which for much of his life he has been trying hard to reject, spending most of the film trying to be something that he finds he does not want to be once he actually achieves his goal.

Sir Larry Wildman

Sir Larry is a ruthless, apparently emotionless British business power broker who has enjoyed enormous success and who has a history of being outplayed by Gekko, hence his enthusiasm for a plan that creates an opportunity for him to outplay his sometime nemesis. Sir Larry is a man of dubious character whose past deals are not deactivated in detail but whose persona intimates that many of these deals will have been achieved in a ruthless manner. He is the man Gekko wanted to be when he was a young gun like Bud Fox. He is an arrogant, intense and believes himself to be superior to those around him.

Carl Fox

Carl is Bud's father and is the polar opposite to his son in many ways. He is a hard working blue collar man whose purpose in life has been to provide for his family, values he tried to instill in his son. He is a confident man who believes he has been successful because he has stayed true to himself and his beliefs throughout his working life. He is a loyal Union man who is on the side of the working class and usually opposed to the company power brokers on principle, many times without even knowing the issues. He is stubborn and somewhat bigoted in his disdain for the wealthy. Carl does not always understand Bud, and is not always proud of him, but he is a good father and always shows Bud that his love is constant.

Darien Taylor

Darien is a shallow and good-digging art dealer and decorator who judges everyone on appearances and is deeply caught up in the superficial. She is emotionally unstable and this instability shows itself in her performance art, which is rather self-indulgent but intense and memorable. Darien is influential in the design world and can make an artist's career by endorsing them and hanging their work on the walls of her rich clients. Darien is not book smart but is good at reading men and uses this to her advantage very successfully.

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