Underground Airlines Glossary

Underground Airlines Glossary

alternate history

A genre of fiction that presents a "what-if" scenario in which the contemporary world has been altered by a different outcome to a major historical event.

pariah state

A nation that has been made an outcast from international relations as the result of being isolated by major powers through economic sanctions and other means.

soul catcher

The novel's term for an undercover government operative charged with hunting down runaway slaves.

The Crittenden Compromise

Series of proposals made by Sen. John J. Crittenden which woud have extended Missouri Compromise line across the remaining U.S. territory, restricted Congress from interfering with slavery in the District of Columbia, required congressional compensation to slave owners encountering interference when trying to recover escaped slaves and affirming the constitutionality of fugitive slave laws.


The certainty or being morally and ethically superior.


The term given to those dedicated to the abolition of slavery in the United States.


The psychologica defense mechanism of dealing with emotional trauma or turmoil by mentally disconnecting the self from the action.


The act of being awarded freedom through being released from slavery.

ad hoc

Improvised; created on the spur of the moment.


The color, shade or hue of skin; notable due to having no genetic relation to the social construction of the concept of there being different races of human beings.


A person reduced to begging or pleading for something.


The attainment of salvation through the expiation and atonement of previous sins.


A theoretical and conjectural conception of potential effects given certain known causes.


Economic theory of protecting of domestic industries from foreign competition by raising taxes on imports.


The doctrine that considers material possessions to have a greater value than moral and ethical principles.


An economic philosophy based on seizing the advantage of situations as they arise without regard to moral or ethical concerns of the consequences.


Person, place or abstract idea which provides a defensive boundary against attack.

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