Two Fables Background

Two Fables Background

Over the course of his long and illustrious career, British author Roald Dahl wrote several dozen short stories. Two of his most famous are collected in Two Fables (originally published in 1986). They are called "Princess and the Poacher," which is a fable that tells the story of a heinous young man called Hengist, who tries to attract maidens, but fails miserably and discovers that he has talent as a poacher. "Princess Mammalia," on the other hand, tells the story of Princess Mammalia, who one day wakes up and finds that she has been transformed from an ugly woman to a woman of profound beauty.

When it was released, Two Fables received positive reviews. An acclaimed book blogger, for example, said in their review that "Dahl has once again written startlingly original stories that, while owing something to the clarity and verve of his writing for children, are firmly intended for adults." They also said that the stories are "Deftly told" and that "these pared-down tales explore the intertwinings of love and power, beauty and desire."

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