True Grit Background

True Grit Background

True Grit is a novel written by Charles Portis that was published in 1968. Charles Portis is an American author most known for his Western books. During the Korean War, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, and when he returned he got a degree in journalism. He wrote quite often during college and he continued to write after that. At first Portis was a journalist but he eventually moved to writing novels.

True Grit was first published in 1968 as a serial in The Saturday Evening Post. However, it was published as one novel later that year, and . The protagonist and narrator is named Mattie Ross, who is now older. The events of the novel take place when she was 14, after her father was murdered by Tom Chaney. Mattie is working to avenge her father’s death and she is joined by Marshal Reuben Cogburn and Texas Ranger Laboeuf. Cogburn has a reputation for being violent, triggerhappy, and drunk. LaBoeuf is also looking for Chaney for reward money. Together with these companions, Mattie proves her intelligence, independence, and strength, both physically and mentally.

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