Tobermory Character List

Lady Adelaide Blemley

The host of the house party.

Mr. Cornelius Appin

A party guest who specializes in teaching animals how to speak.

Sir Wilfrid

The party guest who is first to confirm Mr. Appin’s claim that Tobermory can speak.


The Blemley’s pet cat. Mr. Appin teaches him to speak.

Miss Agnes Resker

A party guest.

Mavis Pellington

A party guest. Lady Blemley attempts to sell her an old car.

Major Barfield

A party guest. He asks Tobermory about his relations with the stable cat.

Mrs. Cornett

A party guest. She advises Mr. Appin to teach elephants how to speak instead of house cats.

Miss Scrawen

A party guest who writes poetry and believes herself to be very virtuous.

Bertie van Tahn

A party guest who has been involved in a number of scandals.

Odo Finsberry

A party guest who is studying to be a clergyman.

The tomcat from the rectory (a.k.a. "Tom from the Rectory")

The cat from the rectory who ultimately kills Tobermory.

The coachman

The man who owns the stable cat.

Stable cat

Another cat in the area. The party guests fear that Tobermory will teach her to talk.