Timepiece Background

Timepiece Background

Timepiece is a novel written by Richard Paul Evans. It was published in 1995 and is a sequel to The Christmas Box. Evans has written many books, many for children, and all of the thirty-one include conservative Christian morals and themes and appeal to average family values. Evans also started an organization named The Christmas Box House International, which is named after one of his best selling books. This organization has built shelters and taken care of over 35,000 children who are not adequately taken care of.

In the novel Timepiece, Mary Anne Parkin is nearing death, and she gives a grandfather clock to Evan’s family, making him promise that he will give “it”, the clock, to Jenna, Evan’s daughter, the night before her wedding. The main focus of the novel is not actually the clock and Evan’s family, but actually Mary Anne’s life. Mary Anne met her husband David when she applies to become his personal secretary, and when they get to know each other, David learns that Mary Anne is born from a noble family but lived a tough life in America. In addition, even though she is pregnant with an abusive man’s child, he still loves her, and she and his timepieces become his two passions.

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