Through the Glass Characters

Through the Glass Character List

Shannon Moroney, herself

The author is her own protagonist, and Through the Glass follows her journey of healing and confusion after her newlywed husband committed two violent kidnappings and rapes. She has a hard time balancing the victimhood of the two rape victims with her own shock and disappointment at her husband's betrayal.


A murderer and rapist who tries to stay a constructive, healthy member in society, but reoffends.

The victims

There are two real life rape victims introduced in Shannon's story. Innocent women who become the objects of Jason's violence and of the following fascination and obsession (from the public and from Shannon).

The court

Shannon meets a host of characters who operate in one fluid mechanism: the court. A strange, exotic room where fates are judged by a panel of ones peers, but not before endless arbitration and criminal defense proceedings. One thing is for sure, the court's legal processes are above the common person's understanding.

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