Through the Glass Background

Through the Glass Background

Through the Glass is a memoir by Shannon Moroney published by Simon and Schuster books in 2014. It is about her emotional recovery after her husband was accused of brutally raping and murdering two women as she struggles to come to terms with the event and find out the motivations, reasons behind the man she loved doing such a horrific deed.

Moroney said about the book: "One month into our marriage, my husband committed horrific violent crimes. In that instant, the life I knew was destroyed. I vowed that one day I would be whole again. This is my story." Through the narrative, she talks about how in October 2005, she married Jason, her longtime boyfriend. One month later, a police officer came to her door, bringing the shocking news that he had been arrested for the vicious and atrocious kidnapping and assaulting of two young women. The book chronicles her attempts to deal with the shock, grief, the extremely public investigation and court proceedings, and most of all the knowledge that her loved one was capable of this awful thing.

Through the Glass also uses Moroney's personal experience to address the criminal justice system. She implicitly criticizes the system which prioritized punishment over rehabilitation, and dehumanization over comprehension.

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