Thomas Aquinas: Selected Writings Background

Thomas Aquinas: Selected Writings Background

Thomas Aquinas: Selected Writings is a collection of writings and reflections by the medieval philosopher Saint Thomas Aquinas. Saint Thomas Aquinas was an Italian friar, priest, and Christian philosopher. He was alive during the 13th century and was one of the earliest influential religious figures who also tried to balance faith and reason. Divine revelation was one of the big ideas during this time, yet Aquinas tried to also balance that idea with Aristotle’s rational worldview by coming to the conclusion that reason is ultimate found in a higher being, God, which was the basis of his philosophy of Thomism. Much of his writing brings Aristotle’s ideas and Christianity’s ideas into conversation, and his writing is considered proof of his philosophical skills and intellectual abilities.

The Catholic Church respects Aquinas’ work, and even today his work is used as the centerpiece of programs designed for those studying to become priests or deacons, or just religious leaders in general. In fact, the Catholic Church considers Thomas Aquinas as a saint as well as one of their greatest teachers. Many students studying disciplines relating to philosophy or religious theology also come into contact with Aquinas’ writings. Though his writings, some of which are compiled in this work, are deeply rooted in religious ideas and ancient philosophers’ ideas, especially Aristotle’s, Thomas Aquinas’ Selected Works showcases some of his greatest teachings.

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