The Year of the Flood Characters

The Year of the Flood Character List

Toby (Tobiatha, Eve Six)

One of the two protagonists, and whose life we follow throughout the story. She is an orphan whose mother died from the artificial sicknesses the corporations invented. Her father committed suicide after his wife's death. After running into trouble with her abusive boss Blanco, Toby is saved by God's Gardeners. She is reluctant to stay with the Gardeners and their strange way of life, but the protection they provide her convinces her to stay. She soon rises through the ranks and proves herself as a worthy member of the Gardeners after she accepts the position of Eve Six. Toby is knowledgeable, no-nonsense, and street smart, and is very respected within the Gardeners. Her knowledge is what keeps herself and many others alive before and after the Waterless Flood.

Ren (Brenda)

Ren is the younger of the two protagonists. She was born in and grew up in the compounds, but after her mother Lucerne left her husband for a pleeblander, Zeb, the two moved out of the compound and joined God's Gardeners. She is naive and sometimes gullible, and is easily influenced by peer pressure. She is much softer and much more emotional than Toby.


Ren's mother, who ran away from her husband Frank for a pleeblander named Zeb. She joined the God's Gardeners, of which Zeb was a member, and brought Ren along with her. A beautiful woman, but is often described as vain, self-centered, and selfish. She does not believe the religion that The Gardener's teach, and she does not try hard to hide it. She is only with The Gardener's to be with Zeb. She is manipulative and smart, and will do what she can to get what she wants.

Zeb (Adam Seven, Mad Adam)

Zeb is a respected but rebellious member of The Gardeners. He is an instructor and teaches the children Gardeners about survival and hunting skills, and how to defend yourself. He is notorious for breaking the rules that the Gardeners set forth, but often escapes punishment because he is an invaluable member of the group. He is The Gardeners liaison between their world, the pleeblands, and sometimes the compounds. He knows how to survive life in the pleeblands and how to go about unnoticed, and his skills are often required. Zeb is a tough man who should not be messed with, but is loved by the children of the Gardeners and many look up to him. He is a father figure to many.

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