The Words Irony

The Words Irony

To die to shirk the duties

Louise thought that Jean Baptiste had died to “shirk his duties”; he had been so gallant to die in the wrong. She understood that till the end she would be somewhat “burdened” with her daughter and her grandson; it is not that they made her miserable, but at some point people tend to finally long for rest desired for years. this is the feeling that Louise felt. But how one can repel against death? Death, due to the narrator, is the final point of everyone; in life there are only two things that a person cannot rule – birth and death.

Writing for being praised

The author refers to himself as a child with great irony. This irony even borders with contempt and despising notes can be traced in the novel. Sartre tells about his first attempts in writing and these were the poems with the help of which he communicated with his grandfather. But he soberly appreciate his genius and accepts that he had none: “I wrote in imitation, for the sake of the ceremony, in order to act like a grown-up”. He accepts that his talent was not genius, but nevertheless “he had got a start.”

Changing the names is a trait of talent

The author once more ironically refers to his writing attempts as a child. His first novel called “For a Butterfly” was a copy of a story read in one magazine. He did not consider himself an imitator, since he thought he was an original writer as “he was careful to change the names of the characters”. Through ironies which appear in the novel, the writer might be considered a misanthrope if these ironies were turned towards others, but they all refer to himself, so whether he really despises himself as a child or he is a really objective person and can treat his own faults with clear mind.

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