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The narrator

The narrator is Jean-Paul Sartre himself. In the book he tells about his childhood, about his life in the house of the grandparents.

Anne Marie

Anne Marie is Jean-Paul’s mother. She has widowed a year after her son had been born. She was a daughter of a rather wealthy family so she had no need to work and devoted all her time and love to her only son. Anne Marie is described as a very close friend of the narrator, and he shared his thoughts and ideas with her.

Jean Baptiste Sartre

Jean Baptiste is the narrator’s father, he died when the boy was one year and three months old, so he did not remember him at all. In his book, Sartre thanks his father that he had died, and as a result did not place any pressure on his son and let him develop as he wanted.

Louise Schweitzer

Anne Marie’s mother and the narrator’s grandmother Louise is described as an independent woman. She is kind to her grandson and loves him a lot.

Charles Schweitzer

Charles is the grandfather of the narrator. He is the one who made the most crucial influence of the future writer. Charles is a professor; he is intelligent and has a big library. It is this library where young Jean-Paul meets the books and where his relationship with them developed.

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