The Waitress Summary

The Waitress Summary

The story opens with a waitress at the all-night-diner being ogled by a 'sad-eyed' taxi-driver. She feels disgust from men staring at her every time she picks up her dishrag. The taxi-driver comment about her butt makes her feel frustrated, so while handing over a free bowl of soup to an old bag lady she makes a wish that people would never look at her again. The old bag lady turns out to be a fairy godmother who grants the waitress her wish. From now on every time she approaches someone their head spins on the side. 

The waitress is content until she loses her job because she is 'a pain in the neck' and customers complain about it. After being fired she heads for the bar planning to get as drunk as she can on the little money she earned and wishing she would find someone she could talk to without them turning away. Outside of the bar he spots a panhandler looking at her. For a minute the waitress thinks that the spell has worn aways, however, then she finds out that the man is blind. She takes him home, showers him, and feeds him, but then she starts to worry because from now on she has no job and two people to take care of. It occurs to her, if the legends are true, she has one more wish to make.  She decides to wish for 'fabulous wealth' and sets on a quest to find the old bag lady.

Firstly she checks the streets around the diner, but she cannot find the bag lady anywhere. Giving up, she decided to go to the liquor store, when passing a bank, where a robbery is taking place. The thieves are rushing so much that they spill what they have stollen out on the street. They are running away, but the money are the for taking. The waitress notices that the security cameras 'are snapped away from her hanging on their wires', however, she has nothing to carry the money in.  Suddenly, large shopping bags come floating in the breeze out of nowhere. She takes is as a sign that the her last wish is being granted and fills the bags. 

The story ends with the waitress sitting in a cab with her bags full of money planning what she will do when she arrives home.  She will order pizza and spent nice evening with the beggar


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