The Waitress Characters

The Waitress Character List

the waitress

The waitress is  a ordinary woman working at a all-night-diner, sick of men staring at her and making impretinent comments. While giving away a free bowl of soup to an old bag lady she makes a wish that no one would be able to look at her ever again. The old bag lady as a fairy godmother in disguise grants her the wish. She is content, until her wish ends up costing her the job at the diner, as she has become a 'pain in the neck' and customers complain about it. After she gets fired, the waitress wishes to meet someone who she could talk to without them turning away. As a result of that she meets a blind beggar. She has good time with him, however, she starts to worry since she now has to people to take care of. She decides for her last, third wish to be a 'fabulous health and sets on a quest to find he old bag lady.  Wandering the streets she comes across a bank robbery, where the thieves have to left the money behind if they want to escape. She collects the money and rushes back home, looking forward to spending pleasant night with the beggar, knowing it might not be the happily-ever-after, but that does not matter.

the old bag lady

The old bag lady is a fairy god mother in disguise who grants the waitress three wishes.

the taxi driver

The taxi-driver meets the waitress at the all-night-diner and address her an impertient coment which drives her to making a wish that will later cost her the job at the diner.

the beggar

The beggar is a blind man the waitress meets outside of a bar, when she wishes to find someone to talk to, who would not turn away from her. He is her second granted wish and also an imput that leads her to the third wish.

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