The Twits Background

The Twits Background

Over the course of his long and illustrious career, British author Roald Dahl wrote approximately two dozen books. Among those books was The Twits (1979), which is one of Dahl's many children's books. It follows a couple called Mr. and Mrs Twit, both of whom are truly detestable people. They smell, are ugly, and are incredibly negative and cynical. They are also abusive and force the Muggle-Wumps (pet monkeys) to stand on their heads all day. One day, though, the Muggle-Wumps have had enough and start to rebel against their evil overlords.

When it was released, The Twits received positive reviews. Kirkus Reviews, for example, loved the book, writing: "Dahl describes all this unredeemed viciousness with a spirited, malevolent glee that plays shamelessly, and no doubt successfully, to kids' malicious impulses and unmerciful sense of justice." A child reviewer from The Guardian wrote that she "would recommend The Twits if you like reading books that are funny and if you like stories about people getting shrunk down into their pants if they are very naughty."

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