The Thirteenth Tale Characters

The Thirteenth Tale Character List

Margaret Lea

Margaret Lea has a job in her father’s second-hand bookshop. She prefers to read works of Charles Dickens and the Bronte sisters. Margaret immediately agrees to write a biography for Vida Winter. As the book narrates, Margaret was not born alone and in fact had a twin sibling who died. Margaret suffers from being alone without her sister. She understands Vida’s loneliness, because Vida also had two sisters (Emmeline and Adeline March). As to her inner world, Margaret is a kind, talented and intelligent character, because she helps to write Vida’s story life and unravels all her secrets.

Vida Winter

Vida Winter is not one of those, who can easily get lost in the crowd. She has an appearance of the ancient queen, witch or goddess. Vida is sitting in the armchair by the fireplace as on the throne, surrounded by the velvet cushions of various shades of red. In addition to being a charming old woman, Vida is also a wonderful writer. According to the novel, Vida loved her twin sisters and tried to defend from cruelty. Vida’s life story is very complicated, but her will power helps to cope with troubles.

Isabelle Angelfield

Isabelle is a mother of Adeline and Emmeline. It is hard to talk about this woman. Her upbringing had a great influence on her future. Since she grew up without maternal care, Isabelle does not care about her daughters. She cannot even distinguish who is Emmeline and who is Adeline. Love affair with her brother ends badly and she is taken to the psychiatric hospital.

Charlie Angelfield

Charlie is Isabelle’s brother, who is a mentally unbalanced person, like everybody of the Angelfield family. He is inclined to violence and sadism. Charlie loves his sister and he is in a sexual relationship with Isabelle. He yearns to Isabelle after her death.

Emmeline and Adeline March

These girls are twin sisters and the leading characters of the novel. Twins are together from their childhood and speak their own language. Born out of incest, they inherit the most terrible features of their family. Emmeline lags behind in development, steals all the glittering things, suffers from gluttony and she is passive. Adeline is a sadist and her main trait is aggression. She even beats her sister. Subsequently, Adeline arranges a fire, because of which one of twins perishes. However, it is unknown who is of two sisters is saved.

John Digence

John is a gardener at the Angelfield estate. He is a good man, who brings twin sisters up together with the Missus. Unfortunately, he is killed by Adeline March.

The Missus

She is a housekeeper in the Angelfield family. This woman is the second mother of Emmeline and Adeline March, because she is raising them as her own children. Adeline also kills her.

Hester Barrow

Hester is a governess of twin sisters. She is a clever, active and rational young woman. Hester leaves the estate because of the terrible behavior of twin sisters. She goes to America and marries Dr. Maudsley.

Dr. Maudsley

He is a city doctor, who is trying to help twin sisters. Dr. Maudsley is clever and energetic person, he is married, but his wife passes away. Later, he marries Hester and they write and publish scientific works and articles.

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