The Thirteenth Tale Background

The Thirteenth Tale Background

The Thirteenth Tale” is Diane Setterfield’s debut novel, which was published in the United Kingdom in 2006. The auction was arranged for the right to publish the manuscript. The fee for the novel was unusually large for the novice author – 800 thousand pounds of advance for the British edition and one million dollars for the American one. The novel has been translated into several tens of languages and received an honorary name of the new “Jane Eyre”.

In October 2006, the novel topped the list of bestsellers according to the New Your Times. In October 2007, the novel also became a bestseller in Russia. The British Broadcasting Corporation initiated the project of the screen version of the novel. Lev Danilkin spoke ill of the novel and said that it is graphomania: “…only hungry bookworms can enjoy this trash and infinite cliché.”

George Lubarsky said that “The Thirteenth Tale” is in the spirit of the “long English novels”: “…it starts slowly and seems to be overloaded with boring details. Then, it gains speed. The logic clings to every detail, connects the signs, reveals the hidden meanings and quickly approaches to the end. The remaining pages are vanishing during reading – there is a long-awaited solution of the mystery.” Harry Gailitt compared the novel not with the novels of the past, but with modern ones such as “Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown.

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